"Relium Media is redefining independent content creation. Engaging an audience and creating fans before film production begins is the future of smart filmmaking"

Vince Porter - Executive Director, Governor\'s Office of Film and Television,
and former Vice President of Production for Showtime Networks


Being a producer and business director at a digital film studio, I receive scripts on a weekly basis. After reading the script Angel Punk, I can honestly say it took my mind to a whole different level. It was the most exciting script that I have read in over two years. The universe that Relium Media has created will take comics, novels, gaming and of course filmmaking to the elite level. This universe creates a multi-faceted business model that will revolutionize independent film making.
”Chris ”Founder



When I first read the Angel Punk script, I was incredibly surprised at it’s depth of story line and character development.  But most, I was excited.  Too often films think about marketing and fan engagement after the movie is made, but with Angel Punk we have a perfect opportunity to start building fans with the prequel comic books which can bring the characters to life well before the film is made.  Angel Punk is uniquely poised to build an incredible, loyal audience.



A large part of a film’s success comes from the story and how it is told. My partner and I have been in the film distribution business since the early eighties and have seen countless films go to market. Relium Media has put together, in terms of not only a great story and a superior team to bring it to life but also a refreshingly distinctive multi layer platform for consumers to attach to. Relium Media has captured in this project the future of successful filmmaking.                   
”Gene ”Co-Founder